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VFR750FM von 1991

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Bought used with 7000 miles on the clock in February 1994. It's a 1991 model coded FM. It proved reasonably fast, reliable, hard to service and comfortable to ride up to 800 miles a day. It carried me to France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Britain, Austria, Italy and Holland.

I still own and enjoy it after 10 years and 53'00 miles through half of Europe. My dream of a 1000 VFR, 80 pounds lighter, has never come true. The Yamaha Fazer 1000 is closest to it.

I particularly like this RC36/1 because it's probably the most refined bike. Among its features: Single-side swingarm, muffler with a ball joint for easy removal of the rear wheel, side- and centerstand, sidestand forms part of fairing, flashers integrated in the fairing (who would buy a car with flashers on sticks?). Lovely dashboard which fills the room in the fairing in an automotive-type style, no wires, cables or struts 'hanging' about. Very nice symmetrical clutch- and brake lever lay-out. Gasoline gauge and reserve cock.

The RC36/1 was equipped with 36 mm diameter choke carburettors while the RC36/2 from 1993 on had reduced chokes of 34 mm. This resulted in a loss of about 5 ponies, however, midrange torque was said to be improved.


Blick auf die hintere Zylinderbank. Der Ringschlüssel steckt auf der hinteren linken Zündkerze.
Die weisse Scheibe auf dem Rahmen gehört zum Benzinhahn und wird durch zwei Kabel betätigt.


Blick in die Luftfilterkammer mit den Ansaugstutzen der vier Vergaser.
Links im Bild die hintere Zylinderbank mit Kopfentlüftung, den Kerzensteckern und den zwei hinteren Vergasern.

Claude Daenzer

Verkauft: 14. März 2009, Claude Dänzer aus Frutigen holt die VFR ab.


Text und Bilder Robert Pfeffer
CH-8194 Hüntwangen