Phlippe Guyony
Vincent Motorcycles
The Untold Story since 1946

Vincent Motorcycles

ISBN 978-1-845849-02-3
Veloce Publishing
400 Pages, 2016

 Preface by Fritz Egli

With the preparation of this book, came numerous questions about my passion for the Vincent. How and why was I inspired to create a frame for that fantastic engine, details about my design choices, my successes in business, but also some failures such as my project to reproduce the Vincent engine in the 1970s. And, of course, the fact that many workshops have been manufacturing and selling unauthorized copies of my frames even today. In fact, dozens of questions and a lot of good memories, all wrapped up with intense feelings.

Everything started in 1953 when I met a Black Shadow for the first time while I was in the middle of my four-year apprenticeship as a precision mechanic in Zurich. I became the owner of this fabulous machine one and a half years later and fast forward, more than 60 years later, this Vincent is still my favorite bike utilizing the stock frame but with some improvements to the brakes and suspension

Today I ride it attached to a classic French Precision sidecar. I also recently upgraded my Shadow with a stunning Godet 1330cc engine delivering 98 horsepower. I cannot imagine a bike that could give me more pleasure considering I have had the privilege to build, ride and race many different dream motorcycles, all more attractive than the last. But this is the one. I started my riding experience with it and I will not separate from it for the rest of my life.

Fritz W. Egli

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This is a great book about Vincent Motorcycles. Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of period pictures.

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Robert is one of the numerous motorcycle enthusiasts and witnesses of the 1960s and 1970s period that I have had the privilege to connect or interview during the long journey that led to the publishing of my book. At start, I had no book in mind but just the thrill to learn from anyone of them. However, as I was progressing in my researches, an incredible blend made of images, personal stories, enthusiasm and passion convinced me that only a book of that kind could restitute broadly my learning to those who shared the same interest for this motorcycle: a book that tell the story of the only motorcycle that continued to stay successful in racing well beyond the end of its production for about 30 years, and that will become for those who rode it, 'the bike of a lifetime'.
Thanks again for your images Robert.

Philippe Guyony

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