Bilder Yamaha R5, 1971

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Since I noticed an anglosaxon link to this page, I thought I had better add some English comment.

I bought the R5 new in May 1971 and put about10'00 miles on it. It was my second (after the Suzuki T20) and last two-stroke and my one and only 350.

The thing devoured spark plugs like hell. The motor behaved particularly nasty on a trip to the Isle of Man. It sure didn't like British petrol. Every couple of miles the plugs fouled up and deposits on the plug's electrodes had to be cleaned. Sometimes the deposits were blown off by backfiring. But more often than not, I had to stop and remove the plugs for cleaning. The roadholding was great for its time, brakes average.

1971 models
The R5 was delivered in violet, the 250 DS7 in bronze.

In 1972 I traded the R5 in for a Honda CB 500 Four, a far better bike.

Only a few of the R5s were sold in Switzerland. Due to insurance classes for 50, 125, 250 and over 250, 350 bikes have never been popular here. Only later were a 500, 750 and over 750 class introduced.

A beauty in Chrome and Violet! Steel mudguards-rugged and elegant , no cheap plastics which cost a fortune to replace and repaint.

Bill Ivy by Alan Peck

Bill Ivy, unforgettable
Yamaha Champ.

Yamaha R5, 350 ccm

Yamaha R5, 350 ccm

Leicht und handlich wie eine 250er

Leicht und handlich wie eine 250er.
Sie war eine Schönheit, in Chrom und Violet. Das waren noch Schutzbleche, robust und trotzdem elegant.
Kein billiger Kunststoffschrott der als Ersatzteil ein Vermögen kostet.


Dies war mein zweiter und letzter Zweitaktmotor

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