Bilder zur Honda CB72, 1965
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Mein erstes Motorrad

Mein erstes richtiges Motorrad anno 1965, die Honda CB72 mit Zweizylinder-Viertaktmotor und 25 PS.

This was my first bike back in 1965 at age 22. My first motorized transport was a 50 ccm moped propelled by a Sachs two-stroke motor. This moped carried me from Zürich through Austria to Belgrad and back across Italy to Southern France.

I used the CB72 on trips to Austria, Germany and Denmark. The pistons wore out in 25'000 miles and had to be replaced. Time to trade it in for a Suzuki T20 in May 1966.

Am Susten mit Kurt Aeby, Frühling 1965

Am Susten mit Kurt Aeby, Frühling 1965


Schön war die Zeit!

Ferien in Dänemark

Sommer 1965, Ferien in Dänemark

Text und Bilder Robert Pfeffer
CH-8194 Hüntwangen