Tourist Trophy 1970
Isle of Man
Classic Bikes  

BMW R60/5 & Honda CB450

My BMW R60/5 and Peter's Honda CB450.

My first visit to the Isle of Man back in 1970 with buddies Peter and Kurt. On the way to Liverpool we suprisingly met François and Jolanda Reolon at a petrol station. We stayed together for the rest of the trip and during TT week on the Isle of Man. We enjoyed splendid weather and good racing in the Isle of Man. One of my most favorably remembered holidays.

The Connaught in Dover

The Connaught in Dover

Petrol station

Surprise! We meet the Reolons at a petrol station.


Liverpool, 'The notorious Wall' at the ferry port.
All petrol tanks were pumped out in the name of safety.
God save the Manx Maid!

Boarding the ferry

Boarding the ferry in Liverpool.


Triton in Douglas. See the cheap petrol?

Scene in Douglas

Scene in Douglas

The famous horse tram.

The famous horse tram.

The Snafell Mountain Railway

The Snafell Mountain Railway.

François & Jolanda

François and Jolanda in Port Erin.

Port Erin

Port Erin Promenade.

Velocette Viper

Velocette Viper 350 in Port Erin

Dieter Braun

Dieter Braun in the Junior TT race (350 cc).

Yamaha gears

Werner Pfister from Pratteln/Switzerland working on his Yamaha's gear cluster.

Kel Carruthers

Kel Carruthers in the Junior TT race (350 cc).

Renzo Pasolini

Renzo Pasolini

Alan Barnett

Alan Barnett on an Aermacchi 350.

Giacomo Agostini

Giacomo Agostini, MV Agusta 350


Paul Smart on a Yamaha

Brian Steenson

Brian Steenson in the Senior TT.

125 cc Dieter Braun (Suzuki), 143 km/h
250 cc Kel Carruthers (Yamaha), 155.3 km/h
350 cc Giacomo Agostini (MV Agusta), 162.5 km/h
500 cc Giacomo Agostini (MV Agusta), 162 km/h

Text and Pictures Robert Pfeffer
CH-8194 Hüntwangen