Yamaha SRX Meeting in Hoxel_Morbach/D

Honda Hornet 900

With the Honda Hornet to the SRX Meeting
- three cylinders too many! 



Signpost in Hoxel 


Unterm Klopp, Auf'm Siebent?? 

Unterm Klopp, Auf'm Siebent?? 



Hoxel, between Morbach and Birkenfeld,
between the valleys of Mosel and Rhein 


German Yamaha SRX Meeting in Hoxel-Morbach
28.6. - 30.6.2013

Thankfully Bettina and Matthias from Wuppertal once more organised the German SRX Meeting. We met at the Motorhotel GuS in the little village of Hoxel, some miles east of Trier. Although the meeting calls for single cylinder motorcycles all bikes are gladly accepted. Many a former SRX owner has upgraded to a twin or four and still wants to see his old pals once in a while.

Not only have some upgraded to a multi-cylinder motorcycle, all of us have grown older and probably wiser. As Matthias pointed out: "Each year we have more pensioners at the meeting." Which inevitably leads to the question: Who is to follow in our footsteps? It seems to be almost impossible to recruit young gals and lads for the single cylinder fraternity. Not to mention the effort to ride to the meetings. So, again I was the only Swiss and one of two septuagenarians.

34 riders from at least five different nations attended the meeting. A truly international affair. German attendance was rather disappointing with many familiar faces missing.

GuS Motorhotel run by Gerben and Susanne proved to be beyond any criticism. All staff were utterly helpful and friendly. The rooms were clean, the food plentiful, the beer good and the bike shed appreciated. Men's best friend, a playful German shepherd, used to snatch a sausage from the day's dinner. Or so it seemed ...

Friday: I arrived at 3.30 pm after a trip of 312 miles on motorways via Basle - Karlsruhe - Ludwigshafen - Kaiserslautern - Birkenfeld.

Dave, Pat, Sjak, and the two Wils were already there. Many more arrived in due course.

Saturday: Heavy showers kept most of us in the bike shed. Only Martyn, Daniel and Lambert departed for Trier to find a new visor for Martyn's Caberg helmet. They found one at the local Louis shop. Around noon the sky cleared up and small groups of riders set out to explore the Hunsrück region. Axel took the six of us on a fast journey from Mosel to Rhein and back. Or was it the other way round? Unfortunately, we wasted no time for shooting pictures or enjoying some of the spectacular views.

In the evening we refreshed ourselves with a barbecue and lots of beer. Matthias held a little speech and presented awards. A little confusion ensued as one of the septuagenarians kept stubbornly forgetting his age and the wrong person was awarded the gift for the oldest entrant.

Sunday: Glorious sunshine greeted the early birds. Soon after the sumptuous breakfast we packed our bikes and said our farewells.

Motorhotel GuS

Motorhotel GuS
Bahnhofsweg 4
54497 Hoxel-Morbach

Sjak und Wil aus Holland

Sjak and Wil from Holland

Happy Wil on his Yamaha TRX

Happy Wil on his Yamaha TRX

Martin and Regina

Antics by Martin

Lambert pushing his baby

Lambert pushing his baby into the shed

The guys from Hamburg

The lads from Hamburg finally got themselves a decent car!

Yamaha SRX

Yamaha SRX - the meeting is all about

Happy pensioners

Ever more happy pensioners at the meeting!
(Lambert on the right is not a member yet)

Weather forecast

They must have heard the weather forecast for Saturday!

Yamaha SRX in standard trim

Yamaha SRX in standard trim


Sunny boy Das pretends to sit on a Riviera beach - bravely ignoring freezing temperatures

Motorhotel GuS' bike shed

Motorhotel GuS' bike shed

A determined pensioner

A determined pensioner - determined to reach the Black Sea on his Guzzi Breva 750

Ready for Saturday's ride

Ready for Saturday's ride

My Saturday's ride stopps for coffee

My Saturday's ride stopps for coffee

3 SRXes

How long will it last? SRXes coming home from a trip

Dave's DR Big

Dave's Suzuki Dr Big being admired

Happy faces after Saturday's ride!

Happy faces after Saturday's ride!


Glorious sunshine's greeting us on Sunday morning - Dave's packing his DR Big

Sunday morning: Father and son getting ready for the trip to Prague

Text und Bilder Robert Pfeffer
CH-8194 Hüntwangen