Steve Dalby and René Post



something strong ...

Anneke shows off her new t-shirt ...

One more memorable meeting. Nice ride-out, high spirits, great friendship and a terrific performance by Diederick and his band.

Again I was kindly invited to stay with Sjak Evers and his family for a night. Of course, once more I got lost in Huissen and had to knock at the door of a strange house for help. No wonder, the inhabitants were not inclined to open the door in the middle of the night.

On Friday we made it to Schoorl, Sjak leading the way via Enkhuizen. On Saturday we set out for the tours, a 300 km trip for the race minded and a 200 km for the rubbernecks (tourists). A carburettor promblem stopped Anneke's SRX but that was dealt with in gentlemanly fashion with Anneke resting by the roadside.

The rubbernecks missed the steamrailway at Twisk but found instead a station master who seized the opportunity to impress our French friends with a lengthy discourse in French.

All culminated in a gorgeous Saturday evening where René Post had his usual speech, congratulated the new organisers, Lambert, Sjak and Huub, and handed out prizes. New prizes this year, for dirtiest bike and press awards. At the height of the night Lambert concluded '... next year we'll leave the bikes at home, just watch the girls and listen to the music'
Easy to say so for him, he did it already this year! How did he manage to have that concrete pole smash his big toe?

Thanks to all who were there, the Bregmans, the organisers and the Big Red 'n' Blue band.

... something strong and powerful ...

... something strong and powerful ...
little beauty's motor.


New Age SRX back.

New Age SRX back.

Cheerful Huub Hendrix

Cheerful Huub Hendrix.

Huub's motor for the weekend

Huub's motor for the weekend ...

Lambert's mattress for the weekend ...

Lambert's mattress for the weekend.

The Big Red 'n' Blue Rock Band


A beaming Diederick van Zuylen ...


... and an indulged one.


Luis Diaz, drummer with hair.


Have hair!

Peter Sid

Peter Sid.

Danny Werner

Danny Werner working hard.

Regina, Maria, Martin and Sjak Evers

Regina, Maria, Martin and Sjak Evers.

Diederick and friends getting ready for the ride-out.

Diederick and friends getting ready for the ride-out.

Ducati Mach3, 250 cc, narrow case

Little beauty, Ducati Mach3, 250 cc, narrow case.

Steamrailway at Medemblik

Steamrailway at Medemblik.


Two fine disciples of utterly happy thumper riders, Martyn Peters ...


... and Gijs van Hesteren.

Two fans with Annelies.

Two fans with Anneliese Melens of Big Red 'n' Blue fame.

Unknown beauty

Unknown beauty at the bar.

Diederick van Zuylen and band.

Diederick van Zuylen and band.

Drummer's legs.

Drummer's legs.

Unknown beauty's legs

Unknown beauty's legs.

SRX-Treffen in Schoorl/NL, 8.9.-10.9.2000
SRX-Treffen in Schoorl/NL, 14.9.-16.9.2001
SRX-Treffen in Schoorl/NL, 20.9.-22.9.2002
SRX-Treffen in Schoorl/NL, 12.9.-14.9.2003
SRX-Treffen in Schoorl/NL, 10.9.-12.9.2004
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CH-8194 Hüntwangen/Switzerland
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