SRX-Meeting Schoorl/NL
Diverses zum Töff
Schoorl 2003

On a technical side:
I made it again to Schoorl to meet old and new friends and to admire old and restored bikes. The first leg of my journey led me up north to Arnhem where I met with Sjak Evers. Together we cruised to Lelystad, across the Markerwaarddijk to Enkhuizen and on to Schoorl. It was a 927-km-day for me.

On Saturday about 50 people showed up. On the "Wilde Ride" we were a bevy of 33 SRXs, 1 SZR 660, 3 MZ 660, 2 KTM Dukes, 1 Yamaha TRX, 1 BMW 650, 1 BMW Sidecar and one Yamaha FZR1000. Riders came from Germany, Belgium, France, Britain, The Netherlands and Switzerland. In the evening, beer was flowing freely, the buffet was sumptuous as usual and the affair was crowned by a Rock Concert performed by SRX-Rider Diederick van Zuylen and his Band 'Big Red 'n Blue'.

Route to the meeting:
Bulach/Switzerland Bale Karlsruhe Koblenz Oberhausen Arnhem Lelystad Enkhuizen
927 km

Wilde Ride on Saturday:
Schoorl Groet Petten Sint-Maarten Schagerbrug Kolhorn Nieume-Sluis Hippolyhushoef De-Haukes Slootoorp Medemblik Oostwoud Abbekerk De-Weere Gouwe Winkel Schagen Schoorl
Approx. 190 km
, total distance: 1985 km

Location: Camping "De Bregman", Gerbrandtslaan 18, 1871 AP Schoorl (NH), phone 0031 72 5091959, fax 0031 72 5092752

On a philosophical side I couldn't help noticing:
This was the best Schoorl meeting so far. No rain, good friends and a great trip on Saturday at decent speeds. These meetings at Schoorl are a unique period in my life which will never come back if it's to die. The older I get the more such 'periods' seem to appear in the past, by-gone meetings and friends one had regularly been meeting and no one lost much thought about it. Years or decades later we remember it with a pang in our hearts. René Post is the heart and soul of the meeting. René, please carry on for some years!

As a man who lies his eyes not only on bikes I was fascinated by to women. Marianne and Ingrid are very different from each other, not only by the fact that the former rides an SRX and the later a Yamaha TDM, one was delicate and slim the other a big tall woman. I'd be pleased to see them both again.

Marianne on her SRX

On the beach with Marianne
Marianne in stylish attire on her SRX. Her lips' colour match her mount's petrol tank. Her beautiful face is finely etched with lines indicating maturity and ups and downs in life. Her expression changes quickly from happiness to sorrow to anxiety and back. She speaks a lovely German, calling the SRX "ein sehr schönes Rad".


Sjak Evers

Sjak Evers, special friend from Arnhem.

SRX clutch

Clutch under glass.


Graham Garrick

Graham after beauty sleep!


Frank Hilla

Frank, Saturday evening.


Kawasaki 1300 Six

Kawasaki Six


Norton F1

A very rare Norton F1.


Eicher Turbo

The Bregman's Turbo Machine!


Diederick van Zuylen


Anneke and Gerard

Anneke from Belgium and Gerard van Dijk.


Special friends Steve above and Lambert below.


Lambert, I know you did it!



Pascal, owner of several SRXs.


3 SRXs

3 SRXen


Huub our tourguide
He managed to keep the slow group together.


René Post, heart and soul of the meeting.


Text and pictures Robert Pfeffer
CH-8180 Bulach

Diverses zum Töff
Schoorl 2003

Martin Krause

Martin Krause.


Happy Ton with brand new BMW.

Frank ready to pull off.

Frank and friends ready to pull off.

250 SRX

Never seen before, the 250 SRX.

French SRX

Lovely painted French SRX.

De Bregmann Camping

Arrival on Friday evening at Camping de Bregman.

Diederick van Zuylen
He turned out to be a gifted rocker.

Steve Hayward's back
Text und Bilder Robert Pfeffer
CH-8194 Hüntwangen