9. MonoConnection Meeting
Ossenzijl/NL 5.-7.9.2014

I missed the 2012 and 2013 event and I'm not going to miss it this year. It's the 24th edition of the former SRXConnection Meeting or the 9th Monoconnection Meeting as I prefer to call it. Still a good number of SRXes turn out for the event, although actual numbers of roadworthy SRXes are probably shrinking. This is due to wear, neclect and accidents.

So it happens that I pull off from home on Friday morning at seven o'clock. Only a few minutes later the road turns wet and soon the rain sets in. Didn't they predict a sunny warm Friday? I'm in a rage and consider turning back. Stuttgart I set as my limit. Fortunately the rain does not last that far. After the rain the morning passes uneventful at a leisurely 110 km/h. No such luck in the afternoon, traffic jam after traffic jam. Hardly have I passed the last traffic jam when the Dutch pull up a bridge over a canal. Not again! At six o'clock, after 11 hours in the saddle, I arrive at the campsite. Some familiar and some new faces greet me with pleasure.

The meeting takes its usual course: Socializing on Friday evening loosened up by Martyn's performance as a singer, ride-out on Saturday and a buffet and band in the evening. Halfway through the ride we pay a visit to the Woudagemaal near Lemmer. The world's biggest and still operating steam-powered pump station. The buffet is prepared by one more of Lambert's Drenthe College staff. It's delicious as can be expected from a cook of Drenthe College. Similar adjectives can be lavished on Martyn and the Backsound Band who entertained us in the evenings.

And suddenly it's Sunday morning five thirty-five. I'm home by five o'clock, having left my glasses behind on a German motorway. This makes it my most expensive meeting.

Please note, next year we celebrate the 25 th anniversary! Don't miss it.

Ton and friends

Ton and friends. Happy go lucky sexagenarians.

Ton showing off his new Shoei

Ton showing off his new Shoei.


Retired firefighter Martyn enjoying his third career.
Crochet Foxhat by his daughter, 50.- Euro

Peter, Daniel & Lambert

Peter (D), Daniel (UK) and Lambert (NL) in the morning mist.

Aard's SRX

Aard's SRX with hidden oil tank and oil cooler.

Jörg's SRX

Jörg's SRX with some special goodies like light alloy swing arm and spoke wheels.

SZR 660

SZR 660 with Martin, Jörg, Frank, Bettina, Sandra and Regina.

Henk on Duc

Henk trying Lambert's Ducati Sport 1000.

Suzuki GS500 - es gibt sie noch!

Suzuki GS500 - still alive!

Triumph Tiger 1050

Daniel and Lambert behind Triumph Tiger 1050.
Please note Lambert's new pipe that matches the blue of the Triumph Tiger and my Honda Hornet.

Suzuki DR Big

Martyn's trusty old DR Big, ex Steve Dalby of Thumper Club fame.

Matchless-Rotax 500

Pascal's Matchless-Rotax 500, ex Ton.

Yamaha TRX and Honda XBR

Martin's TRX and Regina's Honda XBR
TRX with a clutch from a TDM and other features, and the XBR with a Honda Dominator 650 engine!

Sitzprobe auf SRX

How comfortable are low-down clip-ons?

Yamaha SDR 200

Once more, the two-stroke Yamaha SDR 200 from 1987 is being admired.

XBR 500

Happy Honda XBR rider!
Remember that BMW ad from the 80s:
if you want to be happy for a day - drink!
if you want to be happy for a year - marry!
if you want to be happy for a lifetime - ride a motorcycle!

Lambert and friend

Lambert and teacher friend from Drenthe College
Lambert is recruiting ever more staff for the monoconnection event .

Das and Pascal

Das and Pascal, the only two Belgians left who regularly attend the meeting.

Daniel, Jörg amd Frank

Daniel, Jörg and Frank at a service station.


Pensioners always enjoy a whale of a time at the meeting.

There are still a good many SRXes left!

There are still a good many SRXes left!

Bettina and Marjolein

Bettina (SRX) and Marjolein (Suzuki VX800) are two of the ladies who can follow the menfolk on a motorbike.

Sjak and Martyn in relaxed mood

Sjak and Martyn in a relaxed mood.

Bert and MT-09

Our tour guide Koos and his Yamaha MT-09.


They may not know it, but I believe we accept single cylinder scooters.

Evening scene after the ride-out.

Evening scene after the ride-out.

Saturday evening

Saturday evening entertainment with the Backsound Band
Roland v.d. Horst, Adri Dokter, Roland Barentsen
visit their home page

Woudagemaal at Lemmer

On Saturday afternoon we paid a visit to the Woudagemaal near Lemmer.

From wikipedia: The ir. D.F. Woudagemaal is a pumping station in the Netherlands, and the largest still operational steam-powered pumping station in the world. On October 7, 1920 Queen Wilhelmina opened the pumping station. It was built to pump excess water out of Friesland, a province in the north of the Netherlands.

In 1967, after running on coal for 47 years, the boilers were converted to run on heavy fuel oil. It has a pumping capacity of 4,000 m3 per minute. The pumping station is currently used to supplement the existing pumping capacity of the J.L. Hooglandgemaal in case of exceptionally high water levels in Friesland; this usually happens a few days per year.

Since 1998 the ir. D.F. Woudagemaal has been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

All machines were built by Jaffa in Utrecht.

All machines were built by Jaffa in Utrecht.

Steam engines

The pumping station consists of four dual steam engines and eight centrifugal pumps.

Text und Bilder Robert Pfeffer
CH-8194 Hüntwangen