6. MonoConnetion Meeting
Ossenzijl/NL 2.-4.9.2011

2011 - the 20th meeting of the former SRX Connection now called Monoconnection
One more joyful meeting with old and new buddies. We sadly missed some familiar faces from Germany, Belgium, the UK and Holland. As usual, yours truly is the only Swiss; seems to be a case of mad bike's disease.

Saturday's ride-out saw some narrow twisty back road touring and stopped for a visit at motogadgets' shop in 7715 PV Punthorst. The shop is spezialised on Yamaha XT models. Amazing the stuff they have on display.

After 120 km of touring we reach the village of Basse where the Basser TT is already in full swing. Lanz Bulldogs are thumping away for hours belching plumes of smoke while the racing goes on on a circuit of public roads. Another case of mad bike's disease? Anyway, it's great fun and all for free!

The untiring efforts of our Dutch friends are highly appreciated!

MonoConnection Meeting 2010

Some Folks
UK delegation

This year's delegation from the UK: Patrick and Steve

In the mist

Thumper in the mist - Steve's getting ready for the ride to Amsterdam

Stress relieving

Perfect event and venue for stress relieving - the Monoconnection Meeting at Ossenzijl


Friendly motor talk in the evening

Ronald and Ton

Ronald and Ton, two Dutch enthusiasts (Yamaha TRX/BMW Scarver)

Some Motorcycles

The Monoconnection Meeting started with this - the Yamaha SRX-6
Steve Hayward of Thumper Club fame on his modified SRX

Yamaha SZR 660

A sales flop - the Yamaha SZR 660

Yamaha TR1

Rare Yamaha TR1 from 1981, 1000 cc Virago engine - another sales flop

Laverda 750

Beautiful Laverda 750 from 1974

7715 PV Punthorst/NL
motogadgets' workshop

motogadgets' well equipped workshop

XT 500s

XT 500s - just like new

Yamaha trials

500 cc trials Yamaha - better than new

Clutch, gears and a steering stem

Clutch, gears and a steering stem
motogadgets' website

Basser TT
Lanz tractors

Fun with Lanz tractors beside the race track


Action around Basse/NL

50 cc Kreidler

50 cc Kreidler


Dead serious elders with a Velocette


A fully faired Italian Mondial

Yamaha twin

A perfectly maintained watercooled Yamaha twin

Recommended reading:
Yamaha Factory and Production Road-Racing Two-Strokes from 1955 to 1993 by Colin MacKellar
ISBN 978-1-85223-920-6



Aermacchi Meeting Brunnadern/Switzerland

Race watching

Race watching Dutch style
Basser TT 2010
MonoConnection Meeting 2010

My Hornet 900
Text and Pictures Robert Pfeffer
CH-8194 Hüntwangen