3. MonoConnetion Meeting
Doornenburg/NL 12.-14.9.2008


Pannerden's ferry port

Thursday, 11.9.2008, 16:00: at Pannerden's ferry port, I had a coffee and a cookie at the stall.

An Anticlimax

I arrived late on Thursday afternoon at the campsite of De Way in Doornenburg near Huissen. I was not pleased to learn that we were relegated to the remotest corner of the vast campsite. I refused to camp that far away from the toilets, showers and restaurant. Thus I set up my tent at the same spot I did last year. This paid off in the night when a rain storm swept the place and several of the tents in the far corner were flooded.

The usual motley bunch of riders took part in the event. René Post flew in from Ireland and made a most welcome reappearance. Unfortunately, the meeting turned out to be an anti-climax. The abysmal weather, the remote camping and the restaurant's unwillingness to serve us dinner on Thursday and Saturday night didn't serve to raise spirits.

On Saturday's ride out I met my personal limit when I lost my group the second time in the first few miles. When I couldn't turn around my bike quick enough on a wet slimey narrow backroad, everyone blasted off. I packed up and rode home.

On Sunday, September 14, 18:43, I sent the following email to Lambert Smit after he'd asked about my whereabouts:

Hi Lambert

Yeah, I got home safely yesterday night.

When I lost Huub's group the second time in the first few miles I had enough. It should be obvious that I can't turn around my bike on a slimey narrow backroad. Huub's a great guy but I don't know what happened to him on Saturday.

I had enough of that place, the rain, the dampness, the perennial noise (known as "background music") in restaurant, disco, shithouse ... and the miles of walk between campsites, restaurant and disco (I don't smoke Camels). And there still loomed the eight lessons I had to prepare for tomorrow's classes. Infuriated and short tempered I packed up and blasted home. Sorry. This year's meeting was an anti-climax to me.

Funny incident all the same: while folding the tent two old gents arrived and told me there are five people with bikes over there and that's supposed to be an international bike meeting as reported by a Doornenburg paper. I told them the party is on a ride out would be back later.

At the same time an irritated SRX rider cruised the camping, obviously looking for the international meeting. I tried to show him directions but to no avail. Minutes later he departed.

I'm sorry I missed Saturday evening's party and the British delegation with Steve Dalby, Alan Stringer and Steve Hayward. Also a chat with Rene would have been nice. I appreciate your hard work for the meeting with all the effort you put in. My sincere thanks to the managers. Perhaps again next year.


Lambert answered on Monday, September 15, 11:38:

Hello Robert,

Glad to hear you got home all right. Yes it was a weekend of extreme things. We already talked about Huub’s driving abilities and we think he should no longer lead a group. We have had a lot of complaints by people, who were in his group.

We really were quite wet, weren’t we? Well at least the museum was good and by the time Martyn and me got there, the weather was good again so we could dry a bit. Just to find out that the restaurant at the campsite didn’t keep up with their promise to provide us with a decent meal(!)

That was the limit for me, we talked to them a long time ago about having meals, then they had problems preparing it and afterwards they said it was OK.

But then we had to have a different plan, so everybody paid 5,00 and we went to a cafeteria (most of us had been drinking beer).

Yesterday the germans (the new ones) complained in such a way that we are no longer welcome there. So sometimes something good comes from something bad.

A shame of the SRX rider on the camping, as we put all the times on the internet. He should have had a better look.

Next year we think of having a meeting near Deventer, where Bert and Henk live, or near Oldemarkt. It should be better than this one, although some parts of the meeting were quite good I think!


I'm looking forward to next year's meeting at some better place.




Thursday, 11.9.2008, 16:15: car ferry to Doornenburg. It's one Euro for a bike.

Martyn, Lambert, Ton

Thursday, 11.9.2008, 17:15: at De Way Camping, Martyn Peters, Lambert Smit and Ton.

Chez Claudio

Thursday, 11.9.2008, 20:00: Huissen at Chez Claudio. It took them no less than two hours to serve us dinner! Huub Hendrix, Henk und Bert Parhuis

Friday, 12.9.2008, 7:30: De Way Camping


Friday, 12.9.2008, 10:35: the SRX sidecar of Matthias Gross.

Lambert's drying his stuff

Friday, 12.9.2008, 10:36: Lambert's drying his stuff after a veritable rain storm in the night. He had to buy some new and dry socks!

Ton on the BMW

Friday, 12.9.2008, 11:21: Ton sets off to buy a new bulb for the BMW's headlight.

Sjak Evers, Huub Hendrix, Henk, Lambert Smit, Martyn Peters

Friday, 12.9.2008, 11:22: Sjak Evers, Huub Hendrix, Henk, Lambert Smit and Martyn Peters.

with Huub on recce tour

Friday, 12.9.2008, 13:02: on a recce tour with Huub in the neighbourhood of Arnhem.

SRX 600, SDR 200 and XBR 500

Saturday, 13.9.2008, 8:22: SRX 600, SDR 200 and XBR 500.

Saturday, 13.9.2008, 8:23: a pensive Lambert looks at even more rain. Note: he doesn't want to spoil his new socks.


Saturday, 13.9.2008, 9:27: breakfast in the "Disco".


Saturday, 13.9.2008, 9:37: two MuZs ready for the ride out.

Getting ready

Saturday, 13.9.2008, 10:43: getting ready for the ride out.

Talk in the drizzle

Saturday, 13.9.2008, 10:44: a talk in the drizzle. Everyone's wearing rain gear.

Honda XBR 500

Saturday, 13.9.2008, 10:45: a beautiful Honda XBR 500.

Last minute repairs

Saturday, 13.9.2008, 10:49: last minute repairs.

Bert and  Pascal

Saturday, 13.9.2008, 10:52: Bert Parhuis and Pascal.

SRX 660

Saturday, 13.9.2008, 10:52: Pascal's marvellous SRX with the watercooled 660 engine.

Das on his MuZ Skorpion

Saturday, 13.9.2008, 10:53: Das on his MuZ Skorpion.

René Post

Saturday, 13.9.2008, 10:54: René Post flew over from Ireland and reactivated his old SRX for the event.

René Post

Saturday, 13.9.2008, 10:55: René keeps the engine running, that's why the headlight's beam is on his rain gear. It was not without reason he kept it running!


Saturday, 13.9.2008, 10:56: Hideo, a new enthusiast and attendee of the event.


Saturday, 13.9.2008, 10:58: ready to get off.


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