Monoconnection-Meeting 2006

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The best ever weekend I enjoyed in Holland since my first visit back in 2000. Sheer blue sky for three days. For the first time the meeting was held at Doornenburg near Arnhem on the site of De Waay Camping. It seems the meeting's emerging into a new era. Familiar faces like René Post, Gerard van Dijke, Franz, Steffen Leimroth and others were not seen. A number of new people attended like Alan, Pat and Dave Keeling from the UK, and three Italians.

Alessandro from Bergamo and two friends were the first Italians attending the Monoconnecton-Meeting. Unfortunately, two years of evening classes learning Italian have mysteriously left my brain. Blown away riding up to Holland so often? This left Alessandro struggling with English. Again we enjoyed the visit of three French friends who rode more than 850 km to the Meeting. They never fail to charm Steve Dalby into practising his considerable knowledge of French.

More than 35 bikes went on the ride-out in three groups on a hot sunny Saturday afternoon. As ever, the 'touristic group' under the leadership of Huub enjoyed a pleasant jaunt at moderate and safe speeds. Unfortunately, this can not be said of the 'fast group'.

Evening meals at De Waay's restaurant were plentiful and cost only 10 Euros. The organisers, Sjak Evers, Lambert Smit, Huub Hendrix and assistants, did a tremendous job. Thank you! Last but not least, the meeting's choir rendered some wonderful folksongs in the wee hours of Sunday morning. I deeply appreciated their effort, my cordial greetings be conveyed to them! Last man standing, actually sitting, was Steve Dalby embracing a bottle of vin blanc. Bonjour Dimanche Matin!

Address: Camping De Waay, Rijnijk 67a, 6686 MC Doornenburg/NL
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Trip from Switzerland: 1700 km in three days
Route: Bulach Basel Karlsruhe Ludwigshafen Bingen Koblenz Köln Düsseldorf Oberhausen Arnhem Huissen Doornenburg, and back.

This weekend's glaring sun was rather a problem for my APS films. The harsh contrasts asked for a strong flashlight to brighten up the shadows. However, the integrated flashlight of a Canon Ixus camera is a mere toy.


Martin, setting up his tent.


Gijs and friend.

Gijs and friend.


Fake windmill.

Fake windmill.


Frank's SRX.

Frank's SRX.


SR 500 drumbrake.

SR 500 drumbrake.



SRX-Treffen in D 2000
SRX-Treffen in NL 2000
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SRX-Treffen in NL 2001
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SRX-Treffen in NL 2002
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Picture by Sjak Evers

Frank Hilla and Friend

Frank Hilla and friend.

Jürgen Buhr's SRX

Jürgen Buhr's SRX is being admired.

SRX sidecar

A novelty, Matthias and his SRX sidecar.

Part of the German delegation at Nijmegen

Part of the German delegation at Nijmegen.


Relaxing Maria.
Has a bike meeting ever been so quiet?

Martin Krause attends to his modified SRX

Martin Krause attends to his modified SRX.

Pat and Dave

Sjak and friends study the map while Pat and Dave look on.
Pat is the winner of last year's poem contest at the Thumper Rally.

Ton, Lambert, Sjak and Will having a good time

Ton, Lambert, Sjak and Will having a good time.

Will's Norton

Will's Norton single from 1937, sidevalve motor developing 12 hp.

Anneke and kids.

Anneke and kids.
See you next year, same place!


Text und Bilder Robert Pfeffer
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